All Saints Vernon

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Sunday Worship

(of All Saints Anglican Church)

We are a local expression of a larger tradition, which means that our worship is "by the book": we use the authorized worship forms and follow the Revised Common Lectionary. Where we have introduced innovations (and we have), we have sought and received the permission of our diocesan bishop.

All our Sunday services have been services of Holy Eucharist since at least the 1980s.

As the only Anglican church in town, we strive to be a place where a broad cross-section of Anglicans (and others) can be part of our community. We are home to liberals and conservatives; military families and pacifists; former Roman Catholics and former Evangelicals; people in same-sex relationships and those opposed to same-sex relationships. This does not mean that we stand for nothing, but rather that our political ideologies and personal views are secondary compared to our primary commitment to recognize each other as God's children and to seek God together in prayer.

As a general rule we believe that Christian discipleship involves the best efforts of our minds as well as our hearts and bodies. Our worship, and particularly our preaching, strives to engage with contemporary theological, philosophical, social, and scientific conversations, while remaining rooted in the wisdom of our sacred tradition.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we offered worship in three aesthetic flavours: our Traditional service was quiet and meditative; our "Table" service was upbeat and more casual; and our Choral service was grander and more formal. Currently we are hosting a single service at 10am with the music ministry alternating between contemporary and traditional styles.

Special Worship Services